Taliban Flag
Taliban Flag


  • The Talibans are one of the Mujahideen groups.

  • The word itself means "student".

  • At first, the Taliban group consisted of religious students.

  • These students believed in the Sharia(or Islamic Law)(7).

  • The Taliban group is mainly made of Pashtuns.

  • It is also said that the Talibans may have had some Jewish origins(6).

  • After the rape and murder of young boys and girls, Mullah Omar and his followers started what is now called the Taliban.

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Rise to Power

  • Since the civil war was devastating the country, the people were in desperate need of a new leader

  • In the southern city of Kandahar, Muhammad Omar and his followers earned themselves a reputation for standing standing up to corrupt politicians.

  • They rescued girls from soldiers who kidnapped them for sexual activities

  • They reopened roads that were controlled by local commanders demanding exorbitant "tolls" from anyone who passed (8).

  • As the stories were being told from city to city, the Talibans were growing fast as well as Omar's reputation.

  • On September 27 of 1996, the Taliban militia captures Kabul and executes former president Najibullah (3).

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Taliban In Control

With the Taliban in charge of the country, the Afghans were relieved and expecting better living conditions for the people and their children. But to everyone's surprise, it was totally the opposite. The Taliban, under the direction of Mullah Muhammad Omar, brought about this order through the institution of a very strict interpretation of the Sharia (1). Their initial goals were to end lawlessness, disarm and unite the country. Public executions and punishments became regular events at Afghan soccer stadiums (2). Several activities and entertainments were outlawed by the Taliban:

  • Childish activities such as kite flying

  • Internet

  • Music / Dancing

  • Television / Movie theaters

  • Labor Day

  • Literature books

Men were obligated to grow their beards and wear caps. Shaving and trimming was illegal. Men were only able to wear Islamic clothes.

What was most surprising was how the Taliban were treating women. Soon after taking over, they passed various laws concerning women in public:

  • women should stay home

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  • girls weren't allow to go to school

  • women shouldn't be treated by male doctors

  • should be completely covered with a long veil

  • no make-up/perfume/earrings/nails

  • women shouldn't talk to strangers

  • ban on women playing sports

  • stoned to death in case of infidelity

  • whipping and beating of women not properly dressed

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