hey guys this is what i got so far.....

Discussion Questions
1. In the begening of the Book Amir and and Baba move to the U.S.A. One day Amir looks at his father and sees a more compex person then he thought. DO you see the changes in Baba as tragic or postivie?

2. Was Sohrab's parents death the only reason he was depressed/had PSTD?

3. When Amir goes back to Afhanistan from not see it after twenty-six years, Do you think he was shocked to see it? Even though he hear about everything over the U.S. news.

4. For Amir America acted as a place for him to bury or hind his memorie. But for Baba it is a sad or mourn place. Why?

5. In The Kite Runner, which charter so you think had PSTD the most and why? And what do you think cause their PSTD?