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"Russia and Germany have signed a cooperation pact. War now inevitable.Went for a stroll."
-Diary of Evelyn Waugh, British writer

What is it?

Secret Protocol and Economic Ties
  • Strictly confidential meetings were held in which they came to the following agreements
    USSR new boundaries
    USSR new boundaries
    • In return for siding with Germany, the USSR is rewarded with the territory of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Eastern Poland (4)

    • This land gave the Soviets the buffer zone it wanted to protect itself from an invasion from the West

    • These agreements were signed in complete secrecy and each agreement noted that the facts must remain private

  • The initial pact of the agreement was on economic terms which follow

    • USSR had to provide food and raw materials to Germany

    • Germany in return had to give Russia furnished products such as machinery (4)

Quick FactsSigned on August 23, 1939 (1)Proposed by GermanyAlso known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact or the Nazi-Soviet PactPact was proposed to last for 10 years

"Wonder how long the honeymoon will last?"

Hitler & Non- Aggression, Why?

  • In1939, Hitler was preparing for a war and this element was crucial in his tacticsIn WWI, Germany was forced to fight a two front war which weakened them and then caused them to eventually lose the war (4)
  • Hitler broke up the triple alliance of France, Britian, and Russia
  • Therefore, Hitler planned to make a pact with the Soviets to avoid a two front war by assuring safety to the East
  • Why would Stalin agree to this pact?
    • "[the pact] was inspired by a loss of faith in the sincerity of the British and French negotiators and by fears that the USSR was being trapped into a war with Germany that the Anglo-French did not want to fight themselves."


The Outcome
"Forgive me comrade, but it seemed such a good opportunity" (Hitler stabs Stalin in the back while Stalin looses grasp of Russo-Germany Pact)

  • September 1, 1939- Germany invades Poland, USSR watches (4)

  • September 3, 1939- Britain and France declare war on Germany, WWII begins (4)
  • September 17, 1939- Russia invades Eastern Poland to occupy their land that was promised by the Pact (4)
  • March 1940- Hitler begins invasion of Western Europe, USSR remains neutral (3)
  • December 18, 1940- Hitler orders the preparation of Operation Barbarossa Non-Aggression pact is no longer valid (3)

- Hitler plans to keep Stalin under the influence that there is still peace

- Germany did such a good job of deception, that even when Stalin recieved hundreds of warnings,

he ignored them all

- Germans continue to prepare for war; Russia remains under the influence that nothing is going on

- "With Stalins help, the germans were able to successfully 'surprise' the Soviet armed forces on June 22, 1941." (3)

- Soviet casualties pile up, by the end of 1941 Hitler was on the verge of victory in Russia

Animal Farm & The Non-Aggression Pact



Non-Aggression Pact
Animal Farm
Stalin used Marx’s theories to justify his actions. Stalin quickly altered the ideals of equal work& equal compensation in favor of those with military or political power. (3)
Chapter 8, Page 63"when the terror caused by the executions had died down, some of the animals remembered-or thought they remembered- that the Sixth Commandment decreed 'No Animal shall kill any otheranimal.' .....It ran: 'No animal shall kill any other animal without cause."
Hitler almost immediately went back on his word and invades Russia ("Killing over twenty-five million Russians & demolishing much of the infrastructure that the Soviets had built since the Russian Revolution") (2)

Chapter 8, Page 70
"The bank notes were forgeries! Frederick had got the timber for nothing!"
(The very next morning the attack came.)
Stalin had to choose between the capitalist Allies (Britain, France,US) and the fascist GermansStalin didn't want another large war, so he stalled by siding with one country and then the other

Chapter 8, Page 68
"The pigeons had been to told to avoid Pinchfield Farm and to alter their slogan from
'Death to Frederick' to 'Death to Pilkington."
The signing of the Non-Aggression Pact 1939
Chapter 8, Page 69
The selling of timber from Napoleon to Mr. Frederick

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