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Leon Trotsky

  • Born November 7, 1879 in Yanovka, Ukraine (then Russia) (2)
  • Birth name was Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (2)
  • Was forced to change his name (6)
  • Joined a socialist circle at 17 (6)

  • The Lessons of October (6)
  • Was forced to seek asylum in Mexico (6)
  • Was assassinated by Ramon Mercader..most likely under the orders of Stalin (7)
  • Died August 21, 1940 in Mexico (2)

How it Relates To Animal Farm:


  • "Battle of the Cowshed" (p. 28) is a parallel to Trotsky's envolvment with the Red Army and the Battle of Pulkovo on November 13, 1917 (2).

  • When Napolean's trained dogs chase Snowball off of the farm (p. 37), it is representing when, in 1923, Stalin used propaganda and his secret police to drive Trotsky out of the country (2)


  • Trotsky was the creator of the red army and commissar of war (7). Just like when Snowball was award "Animal Hero, First Class" (p. 31)

  • Trotsky promised reforms, and wrote a letter detailing the direction the country should take (2), much like Snowball and his plans for the windmill and his many ideas to improve the lives of the animals on the farm (34).

  • Just before his exile, Trotsky was succeeding and gaining a lot of support due to ingenious idea and his ability to present superb speeches (8). Which frightened Stalin and caused him to exile Trotsky and destroy his reputation. This is just like what happened to snowball just before he was exiled.(37)

  • Even when Trotsky was in exile, attacks on him did not stop coming from Stalin (2), much like how Napoleon blamed everything that went wrong on the farm on Snowball (p. 49)

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