Getting Started
While we are making our way through The Kite Runner, we will take a pause to study Afghanistan's history and culture. Each student will be assigned to a small group. Each group will be responsible for researching and creating a wiki page about their topic.

On the day of your group's presentation, you will present your research and wiki page to the class. Your group will also be responsible for leading the Socratic seminar. Your group will need to develop a minimum of 3 discussion questions that will allow us explore the text (i.e. plot, setting, theme, characterization, symbols, etc.) and make connections to the assigned topic on an analytical level.

Creating A Wiki Page
Your wiki page should be visually appealing to your audience and include the following:
1. Pictures (Relevant to topic)
2. Important Facts/Information (I do not want "paragraphs of information," and you may not read from the wiki page.)
3. Links to other sources/websites
4. Source Information (Put works cited at the bottom of page. Source information must be cited using correct APA format.)